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“The phone survey you conducted has given us a very clear insight into precisely what people think about the current services we provide, what they like and don’t like, and where we need to change.”
Tom Lund-Lack, Chairman,
Suffolk Open Studios
Introducing Seven Important Guidelines for Customer Care Surveys and Six Potential Benefits you could Enjoy

Independent customer care surveys are an excellent way of finding out precisely what customers or prospective customers think of a company and its products or services. They frequently uncover areas for potential expansion of the services offered or for product development. They can also identify problems or undisclosed concerns.

Just as the cartoon husband when asked by his wife what he thinks of her new outfit will say it is great, whatever he thinks, customers will rarely tell suppliers directly the full extent of their true feelings.

  Image: Specialist skills in construction
Specialist skills in construction
- Abucon has wide experience promoting construction clients with highly specialised skills (Abucon for photography)

However, an independent survey conducted by a third party can give a clear insight into what customers really think and feel, rather than what they believe their suppliers want to hear.

But there is an art and a science in conducting an effective survey.

The questionnaire should be bespoke and designed around the specific objectives of the survey. Why are you conducting the survey? What precisely do you want to find out? What is relevant to your particular field? What are the areas where you suspect there might be problems, albeit concealed?


Questions need to be carefully worded. They should not be loaded nor designed to provoke the respondent into giving a specific answer, even if unintentionally.

“Abucon listens and comes up with solutions.”  Martin Day, Sales and Marketing Director, CTP Plasro

If the respondent is asked to rank a product or service against a scale, there should be an even number of optional answers to prevent a preponderance of replies which “sit on the fence”. Far better to offer a choice of ”very good, good, poor, very poor” than “very good, good, average, poor, very poor”.

  Image: Weigh price labelling in the food industry
Weigh price labelling in the food industry
- Many Abucon clients are industrial or
business to business (Photography by Abucon)

This is just an introduction to how to run a customer care survey. Claim your comprehensive free guide now to the 7 important guidelines for customer care surveys and 6 potential benefits you could enjoy:

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